“We are the Prophets of ourselves” – Topless Femen activists storm stage at Muslim conference

       People tend to have very strong views for and against feminism. Personally, this particular protest from FEMEN doesn’t offend me and I honestly don’t mind a little mayhem.

The response from security and people that rushed the stage is actually frightening however and in a way proves the legitimacy of the protest. Before the conference 6,000 people had signed a petition protesting it.

The stunt has outraged some social media users with a number of Muslim faithfuls calling for the pair to be stoned to death.

Click here to watch the video

The footage shows the two women running on stage and grabbing the microphone, before being hauled away by security guards and several other staff at the event.

The two imams – who were holding a discussion during their lecture on the issue of whether men are allowed to beat their wives according to Islam’s teachings – are seen retreating away from the stage invaders.

The women are believed to be from the feminist group ‘Femen’, who are notorious for their use of nudity.

As with previous protests from the group, the two women had messages written on their bodies. One is believed to translate to: ‘Nobody makes me submit’ – a reference to the Islamic idea of ‘submission’.

One of the women appears to be kicked by a man as she is dragged away.