Swedes find threatening notes in their mailboxes from muslims


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        Residents of Steningehöjden, a suburb of Stockholm, have received threatening notes from Deash (IS) in their mailboxes, writes the local newspaper, Märsta.nu.

– We called the police who came and took the notes, says one of the residents to märsta.nu


Residents in the apartment buildings and villas at Steningehöjden were met with a message from Daesh / Islamic state on Thursday night, writes the paper.

Märsta.nu have sought police for information, but according to the police, no such event has been reported.

– We gave the police three notes and they searched around the area with dogs, says one of the residents who contacted märsta.nu

Another person stated that also residents of the villa area received notes in the mailboxes and that police officers were circulating the area at midnight and at 1 o’clock.

The message on the notes begins with a threat followed by another.

“In 3 days you infidels will be decapitated in your own homes and we will bomb your rotting corpses.”

Then the notes say convert to Islam, pay taxes or die.

Similar notes have been seen around other places in Sweden. It has not been proven to come from the “right” ISIS, but can be from people who sympathise with IS, or even from a white supremacist movement to spread fear that ISIS is present in the area.

One should take it seriously

Another resident says that he came home at