How Biafrans has been marginalized by Nigeria

           Just after the Nigeria-Biafra war ended in 1970, Islamic Nigeria continued to marginalize the Christian Biafrans by devaluing the Biafran Pound and offering at most 20 Nigerian pounds to Biafrans. This of course is the reason why Biafrans are highly industrious and majorly traders. They tried to survive by hawking, trading, Child trafficking etc. This made Biafrans lesser than Islamic Nigerians in finance, political power and influence Despite this early challenges, Biafrans survived and waxed strong financially but yet not leading the Nigerian Production Industry due to monotony practiced in favour of an Islamic Nigerian(Dangote). Biafrans however are leading all other sectors like Entertainment. Biafrans have been marginalized religiously, politically, economically and thus treated like they are out cast. Even while under Islamic Nigeria, Biafra has been made to live outside the interest of Nigerian government. We feed the criminals leading Nigerian Government with our natural resources yet our roads, rails , schools etc are not in any way like those in Islamic Nigeria.

These are the ways Biafrans have been marginalized by Islamic Nigeria:


Nigeria is a country with three political units; Hausa/Fulani, Yoruba and Biafra (Igbo, Isoko, Urhobo, Ijaw, Efik, Anang, Ibibio, Igala, etc) Nigeria had 16 governments but 14 leaders because Olusaguen Obasanjo and Muhammadu Buhari has led Nigeria twice (on Military and Democracy). Biafra Land is lacking Infrastructures unlike Islamic Nigeria because the Islamic Nigeria Leaders try to build their lands and neglecting the Biafra Land. Whereas the 3 Biafrans that had the opportunity to lead Nigerian spent their years in office developing mostly the Islamic Nigeria. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan built over 100 Amajiri (Islamic Schools) in Islamic Nigerian. Aguiyi-Ironsi and Goodluck Jonathan were pushed out of office by the Islamic Nigeria. They murdered Aguiyi-Ironsi to take back power and not long ago plotted and ensured Tyrant Buhari took the power away from Goodluck Jonathan by sponsoring. Buhari, Babaginda and Abubakar formed the boko haram to ensure Jonathan’s Regime was uselessed. This is what Buhari meant when he said “I will make Nigeria ungovernable” when Goodluck Jonathan defeated him in 2011 elections. Biafrans have always been marginalized politically and am right to say that a man deprived the freedom to lead should never remain under such nation but rather seek his Independence. Biafrans Protest for Intendance is right. This marginalization is the reason most countries thought of and fought for independence, like South Sudan, South Korea, etc.


If education in Biafra is $20 then it will cost only $1 in Islamic Nigeria. Biafrans cry out blood while paying expensive school fees and scoring high grades in UTME to be able to gain admission into a tertiary Institution unlike Islamic Nigerians. Islamic Nigerians are begged to school. Their school fees are extremely too cheap compared to that of Biafrans and they don’t really need above 180/400 to be offered admission as it is for Biafrans. Islamic Nigerians have better school structures than Biafran schools. Out of the Best university lists in Nigeria, no university in Biafra land made it to the first best 10 universities. Yet Biafra land has the resources that’s still sustaining Nigeria economy.


Nigerians are Islams and Biafrans are Christians. I think everyone has the right to worship whatever he believes in. What happened in 1914 I.e the amalgamation of Nigeria and Biafra is a huge mistake done by Britain. A times I get disappointed why Britain haven’t come in before now to correct this mistake. Nigeria and Biafra were never and will never be one, religiously, morally and culturally. Biafrans are peace loving, Nigerians are Jihads. Just Immediately Islamic Nigeria sought for independence in 1960, Biafra sought same in 1967 but yet the Islam (Islamic War) loving Great Britain that has never helped any Christan country gain independence did nothing about it. Boko haram, the Islamic terrors in Nigeria have hindered many Christians from worshiping their God. They have bombed over 20 churches and killed over 4000 Christians while worshiping in the church. Boko haram was formed to ensure Christianity is eliminated. This is marginalization. How could a man be stopped from worshipping his supreme being and yet said to be free? Biafrans deserve freedom. We want to worship our God as we wish and when we want. Islamic Nigerians want to see everyone in their country worship their god, Biafrans need and deserve independence as a nation to worship God and manage their natural resources.

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