10 Funny Ways White People See Africans And The Actual Truth


This stereotyping has been going on since time and we are not the first people to talk about it, Thanks to CNN and the western media/tabloids, most people (even Africans) who have never been to Africa think Africa is like a scene from ‘The Expendables 2’ movie or better still ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ movie. You can’t blame them. That is what has been painted in their heads from what they see on their TVs.

A couple of nights ago, I was talking to my white friend on Skype and I went to get a ‘laughing cow’ cheese from the fridge, out of the blue, her daughter started laughing out so loud and I asked why, she said and I quote, ‘an African eating laughing cow cheese’, kind of made me wonder, what in the world do these people think we eat? Grass? or raw meat?

Well these are some of the funny things westerners think about Africans, our lifestyle and the actual truth. Let’s me take you to the new Africa.

PUM_INT_09_G_2051_Tova1Africa Is A Country: Most westerners think that The African Continent is actually a country. Maybe people need to be more serious in their history class. Africa is not a country, Africa is the 2nd largest continent in the world with 1Billion people from 54 countries. African Americans, Caribbeans and Jamaicans hailed from Africa. Most white people usually say, Are you from Africa or do you speak African? Sigh! Ignorance is a bliss, I guess


Africans sleep and play with Animals or Sleep on Trees: A long time ago, another white person asked me if I’ve seen a LION before and do I rear a cow? Most westerners think Africans live in the wild or the forest and we’ve got a beautiful relationship with wild animals. I guess we are not that special after all. Would you ever believe if I told you that THIS BEAUTIFUL SERENE AND CLEAN neighborhood is in Ghana, where I’m from?

Village: Africa may not be like Las Vegas or Tokoyo at night but we sure have clean cities and modern infrastructure and buildings that will amaze you if you plan to visit. We actually have 5 to 7 Star hotels, good roads, beautiful and modern buildings. Try visit


Africans Dress Like The Kingdom Of Zamunda In Coming To America: We do occasionally, during festivals but that is not how we go about on the daily basis. We know about Prada, Christian Louboutin, Versace, Gucci, Giuseppe Zanotti and all the latest designers.


Africans Live In Houses Like This: No we don’t, our houses are at least better and modern/strong than that of the British homes made of bricks and wooden chippings. We also use Macbooks, iPhones, Flat Screen TV’s and more LOL


    Africans Solely Rely On Farming/Hunting/Fishing For Survival: Most foreigners think Africans are thought farming, hunting and fishing at an early age to survive and that’s the sole means of feeding. HELL NO! The one writing this, is an aspiring internet entrepreneur, I have never been to farm before let alone hunting, maybe my grand parents and parents did. But that is not the way of life here. We are actually advancing.


There is no peace in Africa, War All Over: There might be a couple, but not all over, Since most of the countries got independence, there is peace all over except a few countries. It not like there is absolute peace in UK, USA, RUSSIA, CHINA. Troubles come right? I’m sure we all remember the London riot, 9/11, Boston Marathon bombing and all. Everybody have their troubles right? It’s good to stop pointing fingers


Everybody is hungry in Africa or In Tattered Cloths: Recently US singer Brandy shared a photo of hungry kids in tattered cloths from Africa and called it ‘Beauty’. I don’t know how a picture like the one above is pretty. But that is not the case, most people have more than they can eat, It’s probably the countries at war where there is farming. Other than that we eat, ‘Laughing Cow Cheese’ LOL, Kellogg’s Coco Pops and more LOL .. just so you know

transportThis Is The African Means Of Transport: You will be amazed to see expensive cars like Mercedes Benz, Bugatti, Bentley, Porsche, BMW and more in Africa. Africans are not that poor you know.


There Is Massive Poverty In Africa: There could be thanks to our corrupt leaders but there are also lots of middle class people in Africa. People are not living that poor as portrayed on BBC and CNN.

To round it all up, Africa is not scary and fearsome as you’ve been told, we live the modern life, we have hotels, modern night clubs, good roads, good beaches and resorts and people are living good down here. Try visit and you will never regret it.

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