Woman slims by following a POTATO ‘cleanse’ diet of fries and hash browns


        Vegan vlogger Hannah Howlett, 29, claims to eat four to six potatoes every single day.

Before choosing to change her lifestyle, Hannah, from Minnesota, admits her excess weight was “so uncomfortable”.

Deciding to take action, Hannah has taken up a diet plan laid out by Dr John McDougall, known as The Starch Solution.


The health regime involves eating nothing but potatoes for 30 days.

In order to keep her diet varied and interesting, she mixes up her meals by using different kinds of potatoes.

From creamy sweet potato mash to hash browns and baked chips, Hannah claims she’s still not bored of her 30-day diet challenge.


To curb her mindless munching habit, Hannah decided to try “intuitive” eating, only preparing food when she was hungry.

Fuelled by a carbohydrate-filled diet, Hannah also decided to take up hill climbing and cycling and cut out unhealthy habits.

Her trim new figure now weighs in at a healthy 9.5 stone.

She explained: “I don’t binge. I don’t smoke cigarettes anymore. I don’t drink alcohol. I don’t eat animal products. I am not in this s****y life that I was living before.”


Inspirational Hannah has since set up a social media profile under the name ‘High Carb Hannah’ to help track her progress.

She has racked up an impressive 48,000 followers on Instagram and over 77,000 subscribers on YouTube.