Senior Saudi Imam of Mecca: ISIS ideology comes from our books, our principles. We follow the same thought.

           In a TV appearance, Sheikh Adel al-Kilbani, former Imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, is asked to comment about some of his statements about Daesh. Explaining how it is a result of Islamic revivalism, he adds that Daesh follows the same Salafist approach that is adopted in Saudi Arabia, and that there are only some differences regarding how to punish those who contravene the Shari’a.

Leading Saudi cleric Sheikh Adel al-Kilbani is a senior cleric of very high authority in Saudi Arabia. al-Kilbani proudly declare on MBC-TV in Dubai on January 22, 2016, that ISIS (Daesh) have the same core beliefs as he and his fellow Muslims. He does not agree to the (insulting) argument, common in Western media, that some “foreign intelligence” has created the Islamic State. He concludes that foreign intelligence services doesn’t create anything, they merely utilizes what is already there. ISIS follow the religion of Salafism, the cleric assures with pride, which originates in Sunni Islam from Saudi Arabia.

Sheikh Adel al-Kilbani wants to stress that no other Islamic group is capable of such superior doctrines; not the Muslim Brotherhood, not Qutbism, not Sufism, and not Ash’ari. Everyone else only draw their “inspiration” from “our books” – the Saudi Salafi books and principles.

The cleric assures that ISIS is the result of Islamic revivalism, not of any foreign interventions in either Syria, Iraq, Libya or Tunisia.

This is one of the absolute top clerics of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, which provides the authentic interpretation and laws of Islam. They correct other interpretations to lead Muslims to the right version of Islam and distributes these interpretations worldwide. Very famous. His word is law in Saudi Arabia and he represents the highest authority. Convert his titlel into a U.S. equivalent and al-Kalbani would represent the equivalent of a Supreme Court Chief Justice.

If you actually tried to explain this admiration for ISIS amongst Muslims, people would simply not believe it. They also would not believe that any Muslim authority would come with statements in support of ISIS, but here it is, right on video.

al-Kalbani is the father of twelve children.

It’s only in the West and amongst the delusionals that the public is being deceived into assuming that Muslims are somehow horrified and against the Islamic state. No such thing! They love them. Sunni Muslims in particular are their largest supporters. And who are the ones arguing for the removal of President Assad? It’s the Sunni’s. And who commit’s 98% of Muslim terrorist acts around the world? Sunni Muslims.
ISIS are their heroes, the ultimate soldiers of Allah who sacrifice even their own blood and body to appease their bloodthirsty medieval “god”.