Strangers Are Meeting Up To Give Each Other Orgasms

Strangers Are Meeting Up To Give Each Other Orgasms image

It seems there’s a new sexual movement sweeping the country.

According to Konbini, strangers are meeting up for 15 minute long time slots filled with orgasmic meditation (OM). That is to say – couples who have never met are getting together for quarter hour orgasm-based blind dates.

The movement was started in the U.S. by self-proclaimed sex luminary and entrepreneur Nicole Daedone. Over the years she has pioneered orgasm education through her business OneTaste, to earn herself the title of ‘World Leader in Orgasm’.

Strangers Are Meeting Up To Give Each Other Orgasms image

Daedone describes OM as:

Two people for 15 minutes, one with an index finger and one with a clit, each with no goal other than to feel, connect, and be present.

This isn’t about self-fulfilling end-goals here, but rather sensing the whole shebang with an absolute stranger.

The London OM community was founded by Justine Dawson and in her words: “You’re not trying to get somewhere, you’re just curious about what’s there.”

According to Daedone, OM is really about improving your sex life, which in turn can increase your vitality and your connections to yourself and others. It is also reported to lengthen orgasms and even reduce stress and irritability.

Konbini report there are a growing number of Londoners aged 23 – 77 usingOneTaste’s UK spin-off TurnON Britain to meet other OM-enthusiasts, and they have launched a series of classes open to anyone who is interested.

Strangers Are Meeting Up To Give Each Other Orgasms image

One OM-lover told Konbini:

Who wouldn’t want to get their genitals stroked regularly, pleasurably, and with no strings attached?! It’s kind of a no-brainer.

I OM because Orgasmic Meditation feels good and the secret confidence that comes from knowing I’m taking exquisite care of my pussy.

So it all sounds very sex-positive and health-affirming, but there are faults as well. It doesn’t seem very empowering to rely on 15 minutes of a stranger’s time to orgasm, and a single class with TurnON Britain costs around £150.

Each to their own though…