Adam Johnson child sex trial: Mother of star’s child Stacey Flounders has split from disgraced footballer

ADAM Johnson sat with his head bowed in the dock as the mother of his child told jurors she has split from the disgraced footballer.

Stacey Flounders also revealed Johnson, 28, told her back in September he was going to plead guilty to kissing the 15-year-old girl at the centre of his child sex trial.

Asked by Johnson’s defence lawyer Orlando Pownall QC if there would be any future relationship with the star she revealed: “We are just going to remain friends.”

ootballer Adam Johnson arrives with partner Stacey Flounders at Bradford Crown Court for day ten of the trial where he is facing child sexual assault charges on February 25, 2016 in Bradford, England
Asked if she saw any future in the relationship, Stacey replied: “Not at the minute I don’t.”

The young mum also revealed the 15-year-old girl Johnson groomed had been in touch with her on Twitter — and tweeted her just a week before the star was arrested at his home.

She told jurors the schoolgirl had sent her a picture of herself with Johnson, 28, to which she replied: “Great picture.”

She also wished the girl a “happy birthday” when she turned 15.

Mr Pownall apologised to Stacey and warned her he would be asking her intimate questions before moving on to the subject of Johnson’s pubic hair.

Stacey told jurors Johnson trimmed the hair around his groin with scissors but never shaved or used a razor.

She also confirmed he would shave his chest down to the waist in summer and trim his under-arm hair.

But she was shown a photo of the star’s penis by prosecutor Kate Blackwell QC and said she had “never seen it that trimmed before”. Johnson has previously claimed the photo was taken to give to a doctor.

The schoolgirl told police Johnson’s groin area was shaved, something he has denied.

Yesterday it emerged ex-teammates at Sunderland, including striker Steven Fletcher, had been set to testify about the state of Johnson’s pubic hair but were “unwilling” to do so.

Stacey, who had just had the couple’s one-year-old daughter at the time of Johnson’s alleged sexual encounter with the girl, earlier admitted she suspected the star was cheating on her.

She wiped away tears in the witness box as she told jurors there were “quite a few” other women with whom the star had been unfaithful.

But she revealed she stayed with the former England winger at the time of his arrest because he was “honest”.

She told jurors: “He was honest with me and I knew he was telling the truth. I had just had a daughter and I wanted to be a family.”

Last week it emerged Johnson had given his girlfriend the Range Rover in which his alleged sexual encounter with the teen took place.

Asked by Ms Blackwell: “Do you feel uncomfortable driving that vehicle knowing it is the location of the alleged incidents,” Stacey replied: “Yeah, I do.”

She also revealed Johnson had told her he was messaging the girl the day after his arrest.

But she did not know about the graphic nature of his messages, including one in which told the girl he “wanted to get her jeans off”.

She also did not know he had set up a second Snapchat account which he used to ask the 15-year-old girl to send him naked pics.

ootballer Adam Johnson arrives with partner Stacey Flounders at Bradford Crown Court for day ten of the trial where he is facing child sexual assault charges on February 25, 2016 in Bradford, England
Stacey, who began dating the footballer in 2011 before moving in with him in 2013, told of her shock at the time of his arrest.

She confirmed Johnson lied about the girl’s age, telling her as he was nicked: “She said she was 16.”

Stacey told jurors: “When I found out my head was all over the place. Adam was in shock.

“When he said her name I recognised her name from when she spoke to me on Twitter. It popped into my head at the time to ask how old she was.”

Former Sunderland ace Johnson, who was sacked by the club, had earlier arrived at Bradford crown court with Stacey for the tenth day of his trial.

He yesterday sobbed in the witness stand as he admitted he had thrown away his “glittering career”, telling jurors: “I feel absolutely awful.”

The former Sunderland star, who was sacked by the club, has admitted grooming and kissing the schoolgirl but denies two more serious counts of sexual activity with a Child.