Mexican journalist targeted by trolls after posting footage of ‘sexual assault’



A Mexican journalist has been targeted by trolls after posting footage of her alleged sexual assault online.

Andrea Noel says she was walking along a pavement in the Colonia Condesa neighbourhood of Mexico City when a man walked up behind her, pulled down her underwear and ran off.

The incident took place during International Women’s Day on Tuesday 8 March.

Alongside the video, she wrote on her Facebook page:  “Once again, as usual with women all across Mexico, I was harassed in broad daylight, in a beautiful street. #HappyWomensDay

“If you recognize this idiot please ID him. #Condesa.”

After denouncing this act against her, Ms Noel was barraged with a series of rape and death threats.

One troll commented in a tweet found by Buzzfeed that he hoped he would find the attacker “just to give a prize and a cape to this anonymous hero” before saying Ms Noel “deserved rape”.

Many people across Mexico have offered their support shaming the trolls for laughing at the incident.

Ms Noel said: “Thanks to hundreds of people who have supported me/helped to silence the hundreds of rapists and murderers future online threatening me.”

The man depicted in the footage is yet to be identified.