Adult Film Star Professor ‘Suspended From University Job’


            A UK university has suspended one its professors after it was revealed he has starred in a series of porn films.  

Nicholas Goddard, 61, is a chemistry professor at the University of Manchester and according to The Sun, he is a lead professor on three university courses and also features in a number of online video lectures.


However, academia isn’t the only field in which he has been gaining notoriety. The Daily Mail reported he had also made a name for himself in the adult film world, performing under the name ‘Old Nick’ for the past 10 years in dozens of porn films.

His work included ‘Blonde teen Lexi gets f*cked by Old Nick’, part of a series called ‘Beauty and the Senior’. Its proved popular, with more than a million hits on PornHub.


Professor Goddard revealed that he got into films to relieve the stress of his divorce, but has now quit the film role. However, not everyone has supported his extra curricular activities, with many questioning the ethics of sleeping with women younger than his students.

A Daily Mail reporter who visited the university said his Audi Saloon wasn’t parked in its usual spot this week, and Professor Goddard himself was nowhere to be found.


Word on campus was he had been suspended after more than two decades at the university while an internal investigation was carried out, the paper said.

He was said to be found out when a student recognised him in one of the films he starred in.


Professor Goddard earlier told The Sun:

There is such hypocrisy with people watching porn then complaining about those who act in it. Why would students and staff be happy to watch it, but unhappy when they see who stars in them? Especially as I know that on evenings and weekends, 75 per cent of web traffic on the university’s server is accessing porn. Sometimes you do things that you regret later while under stress. But I’ve given it up since January, it’s too much for me now. What I do in my private life is my business not the university’s. I haven’t told anyone there.

The professor admitted he didn’t know what students or parents would think but wouldn’t care himself if his own children were being taught by a porn star.


What he does in his free time is up to him, as long as he’s not bringing it to work then surely it’s not an issue?