The Scientific Reason Why Guys Are Always Checking Out Other Ladies Will Surprise You

Men are always getting busted by their significant other for checking out other women.

A study shows this is especially problematic when couples go on vacation. Dennis Prager took a scientific approach to figuring out why men stare at other women, and it turns out the male memory is not as great as the female’s.

Couple Fights


A study found that for vacationing couples, men staring at other women on the beach was the top reason for conflict. So why do men stare, are they tired of their current partner, or is there something else?

Hot Legs


The way men and women process physical attractiveness is different, as Prager puts it “The power of the visual to excite men has no analogue in women.” For instance, a man’s legs doesn’t turn a female on like a woman’s legs would for a male.

What’s The Problem?


According to Prager, unlike for a woman, it takes massive willpower for a man not to stare at nearby females. A problem arises when the female is threatened by her partner looking at others.

Can’t Compare


She thinks he is comparing her to them, and is threatened that he might up and leave for someone else. The woman is convinced her man is going to keep fantasizing about these bikini clad women long after they leave.

Who’s Hotter?


Do men find these random women more attractive than their current partner? In some situations, yes, but it’s a moot point because ultimately he has chosen to be with the woman he’s with. The staring at other women is just “window shopping.”

Out Of Sight


For men, it’s truly “out of sight out of mind” in regards to women they see at the beach.

Out Of Mind


When the man first sees a woman on the beach it can take over their mind for a few brief seconds – this leads to their momentary lapse in judgment to stare. However, when it comes to remembering, the man quickly forgets the woman on the beach while his female partner remembers them vividly.

Torturous Thoughts


Even if threatened with torture, most men couldn’t pick the woman from the beach out of a lineup.

Just Because


Mostly, men find other women attractive simply because they are “other women.” Men are programmed to want endless variety, and are not comparing women, nor are they dissatisfied with their current situations.