Masturbation is good for you, scientists explain

Self love increases your fertility, makes you happier and helps you fight disease


Two YouTube science vloggers have tackled the persistent rumours around masturbation- that it can cause blindness, infertility or hairy palms – and explained that a little bit of self love is actually good for you.

Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, who run the educational ASAPScience YouTube channel, say the practice could make you happier, healthier and improve your fertility.

The Canadian pair explain that chemicals released by masturbation include dopamine, which triggers the pleasure centres of the brain and reduces stress, endorphins which reduce pain – including menstrual pain in women – and prolactin, which aids sleep.

According to the duo, males especially benefit from masturbation when they are under the weather, as it increases the production of bacteria-fighting white blood cells.

They say it can also help prevent prostate cancer, one of the most common cancers in men, by flushing out the carcinogenic toxins in the prostate more regularly.

Mr Moffitt and Mr Brown, who have more than four million subscribers, also explain the evolutionary reason why men masturbate.

While a man’s sperm count is lower when he has sex shortly after masturbating, they say the overall quality of the sperm improves.

This is believed to be because older sperm are expelled to make way for younger sperm, which are more likely to fertilise an egg.

The vloggers say masturbation is a “safe and healthy” pastime but recommend “changing it up every once in awhile”, because using one method for long periods of time can increase your dependence on it and make you less likely to be able to orgasm during sex.