Brit Pregnant For Her Maasai Husband’s Son.

Rebekah O’Brien, 26, went to live in tin hut after falling for member of travelling tribal dancing group


                A BRIT theatre worker has revealed how she moved to Kenya to be with a Maasai warrior – only to have a baby by his teenage son.

Rebekah O’Brien, 26, fell for village butcher Rempesa Ole Kirkoya, 40, when his tribal dancing group came to perform in the UK.

She met Rempesa, then 37, when the group came to the theatre where she worked in Norwich in 2012.

And she said even though neither of them could speak the other’s language there was instant chemistry.


She decided to go and visit him in Kenya the following year, staying for nine weeks in a tin hut in a village with no running water or electricity around an hour from the capital, Nairobi.

And despite Rempesa having a wife and five kids in the village, the two began a relationship – with the butcher’s current wife Joyce even translating so the pair could converse.

Rebekah said: “As a Western woman in Kenya people were suspicious of me, but Rempesa was so kind, buying me food and drinks and always had time for me and made me feel welcome and special.”

Rebekah returned to the UK after her trip and Rempesa followed shortly after.


The pair had sex in a hotel room and agreed to return to Kenya and get married, with Rebekah saying his existing marriage was over despite him still living with his previous wife.

According to the Mail, she said: “My friends said I was mad to be running off with a Kenyan man, living in a tin hut with him and his first wife and five children.

“But there is hardly a huge sea of great guys here in the UK. And I decided when I was there that I didn’t want to be like women here, working all the time.”

But the situation eventually soured.


First Joyce, who had given her husband’s new relationship her blessing, suddenly died – causing the villagers to blame Rebekah.

Then after their traditional wedding she fell pregnant, but broke up with Rempesa before the child’s birth, leading her to return to England.

After the baby also tragically died six weeks after being born, she once again returned to Kenya.

But instead of a reunion with her husband, she ended up having a fling with the warrior’s 19-year-old son Lawrence, who was still at school.


Her relationship with him went the same way as her marriage to his father, and she came back to the UK again to give birth to their baby.

And she said she hopes Lawrence will come to Britain to visit his son Kito, despite the fact he has no money for child support.

Rebekah told the Mirror: “I want Lawrence to be in his life, but I fear he sees me more as his mother than his girlfriend.”