The most common countries people will never visit and why


             Redditors have been recounting the countries that they’ll never return to, as well as the reason why.

The topic was the subject of a recent AskReddit thread, of which the most upvoted response suggested Haiti.

User bsuorangecrush1150 commented on the poverty in the country:

I went 3 years after the earthquake and it was like it just happened.

Others mentioned a variety of reasons, such as sexism and harassment in Egpyt…

Egypt has left such a disconcerting stain upon my desire to travel that I’m never going back in my lifetime.

…or the prevalence of begging in the Philippines:

I saw an adorable 4-5 year old girl begging outside McDonald’s. I was about to give her some change when my host said. ‘Don’t EVER give beggars like her money! The gang owns her and she will never be able to keep it. If you want to help her give her some left over food because the gang may let her keep that.’

Reddit user Irmaliv111 mapped the initial reasons for the MapPorn subreddit, however, there have been a few more suggestions in the active thread since.

As a result, we’ve updated the map. Thankfully, the UK and Ireland don’t get much of a mention.

The full breakdown of countries by reason (approximated) is as follows:

Attitude to Tourists: Albania, Malaysia, Mauritania, Solomon Islands, Thailand, The Bahamas, Tunisia, Vietnam

Beggars: Belize, Mexico

Boring: Finland, France, Luxembourg, Slovakia

Danger: Croatia, Honduras, Somalia, Venezuela

Dirty: Cuba, Russia

Dirty/Beggars: India, Indonesia, Philippines

Expensive: Denmark, Norway, Slovenia

Loud: Italy

Poverty: Haiti, Jamaica, Paraguay

Racism: United States

Rude: Czech Republic, Greece, Lebanon, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Turkey

Sexual Harassment: Egypt, Morocco, Swaziland

Sketchy: Cambodia

Toilets/Transport: China

Too cold/Boring: Canada

War: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen

Weird/Racist: Japan, South Korea