Footage captures moment prisoners break out of cell to save guard suffering apparent heart attack

The inmates banged on the doors and yelled for help after seeing the guard slump over and become unconscious


Footage has been released of the moment a group of prisoners escaped from their cell to help a guard who appeared to be having a heart attack.

A CCTV video shows the moment at least eight inmates broke out of the holding cell in in a Texas court building to help the guard, who had slumped over and become unconscious in front of them.

The inmates at the Parker County Courts building immediately started yelling to attract attention to the situation. When help didn’t arrive quickly, they are seen breaking out of the cell and banging on doors to alert staff in the building while also using the guard’s radio to call for help.

Sheriff’s deputies are then seen rushing into the basement with the guard and the inmates. The prisoners are seen being returned to their cell while CPR is performed on the guard until paramedics arrive.

Parker County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Mark Arnett praised the quick response of the inmates. He told NBC News:  “They definitely saved his life. There’s no doubt about that.”

The guard, who wished to remain anonymous, is expected to return to work next week. The holding pen the prisoners broke out of has since been