’20 Years Ago, They Arrived Late But… – Atlanta Airport Tweets About Nigeria

Dream Team VI, the Nigerian Under-23 football team, is currently on their way to Rio after been stranded in Atlanta, United States — less than 13 hours before its opening Rio 2016 Olympics encounter against Japan.

Atlanta Airport, where the stranded players boarded their flight, has reminded the world about how the first Dream Team arrived Atlanta behind schedule for the 1996 Olympics games after a travel mix up, but went ahead to win the football tournament.

It wrote: “20 years ago, the Nigerian #Olympic soccer team arrived late in #ATL after a travel mixup. They won gold,” it tweeted. “This year, another mixup. @Delta stepped up, offered charter, and the Eagles are going to #Brazil. Another gold?”

Is this an omen that Nigeria is about to win again, or is the airport simply mocking Nigeria for never learning from its past foibles?

The coming weeks will tell.