Racist Reporter Brags Cops Will Shoot Blacks On A ‘Regular Basis’ Until They Stop Fighting For Equality

Tomi Lahren became infamous for being a racist earlier this year when she went on a shockingly racist rant against black people in relation to police brutality and Beyonce’s halftime show performance at the Super Bowl. Now, The Blaze’s host is back at it with even more hate speech to spew.

In her latest tirade against minorities, the angry white political commentator was whining that Black Lives Matter activists were supporting Korynn Gaines, an African American woman who was murdered by police after an armed standoff that was partially posted on social media. Gaines’ 5-year-old son was also at the scene, but he was only wounded in the gunfire. Using the presence of Gaines’ son against the police brutality victim, Lahren said:

“Who the hell would do that? Is that the definition of your Black Lives Matter? And what about the black life of her son, she used him as a tool, a prop, in her video — real mother of the year there. Is this the kind of thing that Black Lives Matter wants to get behind?”

“Gaines and her boyfriend are criminals, they’re instigators — are they really the face of your movement? If not, speak the hell up.”

Lahren then blatantly stated that if activists did not “speak the hell up”, police violence and misconduct against black people would be completely justified:

“Do you want others in your community to incite deadly force and get shot? If not, speak the hell up. Do you want toddlers caught up in the crossfire, listening to their mother threaten police? If not, speak the hell up. Hate is taught, victimhood is taught.”

Lahren continued to defend police officers that are quick to target and shoot African Americans, even though there has been plenty of evidence that even when a black person is unarmed, innocent and complying perfectly with police, they can still get shot. Lahren raged on, calling a long history of systemic oppression, targeting and racism “victimhood”:

“The notion that a black suspect can do no wrong and is always the victim is B.S. This doesn’t end well for anyone — anyone. All lives matter, so speak the hell up before this kind of thing starts happening on a regular basis. Is it worth a hashtag or a riot in your name to lose your life? If not, speak the hell up. You’re killing yourselves and your communities, but you’re so caught up in your victimhood and your self-righteous B.S. you don’t see it. Tell me your gangs, are they worth the loss?”

It’s people like Lahren that only seek to further white privilege by ignoring the issues, and it’s truly revolting to watch. You can watch Lahren’s infuriating rant above: