Inmate Who Beat Up Charleston Church Mass Murderer Hailed as Hero on Twitter

Donald Trump thought he was having a bad week as republican after republican made it clear they won’t be voting for  him in the Presidential election, but Dylann Roof may have had a worst week.

Inmate Who Beat Up Charleston Church Mass Murderer Hailed as Hero on Twitter Roof is in jail for the racially motivated massacre of nine African Americans last year at a church in Charleston, South Carolina.  This week, guards couldn’t get to Roof in time before a Black inmate decided to dole out some jailhouse justice. The inmate identified as 25-year old Dwayne Stafford armed with nothing but his bare knuckles caught Roof in the shower area and beat him down. Roof is normally under protective custody, but the guard stepped away to get toilet tissue for another inmate.  That’s when Stafford ran from his cell to the shower and assaulted Roof. Both inmates are in the protective custody area and normal procedure allows only one prisoner at a time to be allowed out of their cell.  Somehow, Stafford’s cell which should have been locked wasn’t and when he saw an opportunity to go after Roof, he took it.  Roof received only minor injuries.

The prison report describes the fight as “unprovoked” and says they’re not sure why Stafford went after Roof.  Perhaps Stafford went after Roof because of what Roof did at that church last year. June 17th of last year, Roof went to Emanuel AME church during prayer service. After sitting there for an hour according to police, Roof began shooting.  He killed nine people including the Pastor and State Senator Clementa Pinckney. Roof then drove back to his home area in Columbia South Carolina.  When arrested, Roof confessed to the massacre and told police he killed the nine people in hopes of igniting a race war.

Even though Roof sits behind bars facing the death penalty many are still angry over his crime and some even celebrated what happened to him on Twitter.

Twitter postings quickly turned into racist  rants and bickering when some tried to defend Roof by tossing out the “N-word” as a way to troll and derail the conversation.  Others painted Stafford as a folk hero for beating up Roof and wanted to post money to his prison account.

The Twitter response to what happened to Roof is indicative of all the anger, hurt and hostility that Blacks feel in a country where the Roofs and Trumps types have been stoking the fires of racism.  Even if you don’t think it’s right for people to rejoice in violence against somebody like Roof, it’s easy to understand why people feel that way. Years of seeing police officers kill unarmed Blacks like Freddie Gray, Michael Brown and get away with it as no justice prevails.   Even Roof to some degree must have felt he deserved to be beaten up because he declined to press charges against the inmate that beat him up. Roof claims he committed his reprehensible crime because he wanted a race war. But with no army of White supremacist to back him up, no weapons to gun down the defenseless and only feeling the rage he’s unleashed in some Blacks, you have to wonder if Roof still wants that race war.