My name is Erhienyovwen. I’m from Mereje town. An okpe speaking minority group in Delta state, Niger-Delta Republic. My passion for Freedom, Justice and Equality stems from the extortion oppression and marginalisation of the people of the Niger-Delta and other silented minority voices across the world.

Jag heter Erhienyovwen. Jag kommer från Mereje Town. Den är en av de Okpe talande minoritetsgrupperna i staten Delta i Republiken Niger-Delta. Min passion för frihet, rättvisa och jämlikhet härrör från förtryck, utpressning och marginalisering av folket i Niger-Delta och andra tystade minoritetsröster i hela världen.




So many people nor know the origin of Okpe till today and dem be Okpe people. The thing dey pain me becos we nor know how tomorrow go be. When i small nai my Papa gist me dis tori. Oya make unu stop wetin unu dey do,make i yan unu d tori,make e for nor lost.

The Okpe people na part of the Urhobo ethnic group for Delta State. Okpe Kingdom sidon for about 200 square miles and e get, a population of over 240,000. As at 2005 e get d largest kingdom for Urhobo area. The River Ethiope wen we from dey drink water nai separates Okpe territory from Oghara and Idjerhe. Okpe also shares common boundaries with the Urhobo of Agbarho, Agbon, Ughienvwe, and Uvwie. Sapele na the second largest city for Delta State and e belong to the Okpe people.
The power and authority of Okpe Kingdom na from the following sources:
1. The Orodje (King)
2. The Otota (Speaker)
3. The Ekakuros (Chiefs)
The Orodje nai be the head of the kingdom and head of the Udogun Council, wey be the supreme council of Okpe. The king nai also be the head and president of the Okpe Traditional Council,them nor dey argue am.
The Otota nai be the spokesman for Okpe,just as i be the Otota of Sapele. For the event, of the death of the Orodje, the most important spokesman of Okpe Kingdom na the Speaker. In fact, e position dey similar to that of d Prime Minister.
The Chiefs nai be the representatives of d people and dem be members of the four ruling houses wen make up the Council.
Prince Igboze nai be the founding father of the royal family of the Urhobo Okpe people. Him na one of the sons of one Oba (king) of Benin Empire. For the middle of the seventeenth century, he cum notice d decline of power of their Empire and base on fear for e future,e cum dey determine to found e own kingdom. For this purpose e cum obtain him title of Ovie (king) from e second cousin, Oba Ahenzae of Benin, wey dey the throne (1640-1661). He commot from Benin Empire for the middle of the seventeenth century with him wives, family, and some number of followers (slaves) and face d southwards from Benin. He cum arrive e new territory of Orere-Olomu. After a decade, wen Igboze’s new kingdom don balance, he cum get visitor from Ibo,wey e name na Olomu. Olomu come begin stay with Igboze and e stay for a very long time,as e win the confidence of Igboze, to d extent say Igboze declare am him heir. Igboze, wey obtain d royal title of Ovie (king) to rule e new territory, he dey e peak when he die. When Igboze’s die, Olomu cum take the title of Ovie. This issue cause kasala, becos Igboze’s son,wen e name na Okpe, quarrel wit Olomu about who suppose succeed d king. Okpe and he followers later leave the territory for Olomu and dem cum settle for Agbarho quarters of the Isoko Okpe. Okpe live and died for Isoko Okpe. Before he death, Okpe get four sons: Orhue, Ororho, Evwreke, and Esezi. The descendants of d four sons nai be the royal members of the Urhobo Kingdom of Okpe.
Prince Okpe na the son of Prince Igboze, wen be d son of Oba (king) of the Benin Empire.
The First Son of Prince Okpe
Prince Orhue na political leader and also na hunter wey search for food and a fertile region for settlement. Orhue dey Agbarho, and later him cum cross the nearby stream and founded Orerokpe, wen be the present capital of Okpe Kingdom. Him three brothers, Orhoro, Evwreke, and Esezi, come settle with am for Orerokpe, where them start the royal monarchy of Okpe cum reach today.

I remain the Unueworo of Mereje Town!

The Otota of Okpe Kingdom!!

The watchdog of the Niger-Delta Region!!!

God Bless Mereje!

God Bless the Okpe People!!

God bless the Niger-Delta Republic!!!