Explosions roaring like thunder in a storm…
Frightening the helpless fishermen and farmers to scamper for safety at the shores
Chants, anthems of freedom and vengeance echoing in soured rhythm
Drums of War like drops of rain on the rooftop as we exhale our last breath
We are the Casualties
The same oppressed and the helpless
In this cruel Armageddon in the Niger Delta
Stray bullets reaped us apart
Like a broken mirror
We are the Casualties
Daylight has become a horrible nightmare
Nightfall now a cage of terror and humiliation at every Naked Rivers
In the region
Our Natural Resources, The Crude Oil has become a Curse instead of Blessings
We are the Casualties
Gunboats, Warships And Fighter Jets flying over our naked thatches as we scamper for refuge with our children with bleeding feet at the Mangrove
We are the Casualties
Our thatch houses,devastated farmlands with harvest of tears and fishing gears with rivers of spillages we abandoned stampeding to the neighbouring Communities for refuge in nakedness
We are the Casualties
Bearing the unbearable pain from our brothers and our slave masters
In a God forsaking country called Nigeria, the home of endless torture!